Cloud Solutions

AGILITY can simplify the task of taking your business applications to the cloud. We have the most comprehensive Cloud Services & Hosting offering you will find anywhere and we have partnered with the industry’s best Cloud Service Providers. We have the ability to deliver all of your Voice, Video, and Data needs safely and reliably from the power of the cloud.

Cloud-based environments provides the level of speed, flexibility, reliability, scalability and security your business needs. AGILITY empowers you to take advantage of voice, video, call center, email, virtual desktops or to move your entire IT into the cloud.

AGILITY Cloud Solutions

Cloud Based Communcations

Cloud Video Conferencing

Cloud Call Center

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Virtual Desktops

Cloud based Managed IT

Office 365

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Why all the hype about cloud?

A 2014 KPMG report illustrates the top reasons business are using cloud to drive business transformation:

Top Ways Businesses Use Cloud

Business Success of Cloud Implementation

AGILITY’s Cloud solutions improve business performance, collaboration, connectivity, security, mobility and in most cases reduce costs. AGILITY allows your employees to communicate on desk phones, mobile devices, laptops, soft-phones with Voice and Video calling. We offer you the ability to innovate, react quickly and be agile with a simple approach to technology that doesn’t chain you down with big PC and software investments.  We will give you a competitive advantage and make your business a faster more agile competitor in the marketplace with turn-key cloud solutions.