Internet access whether it’s for a small remote office or your primary headquarters is mission critical.  Employees spend a good portion of their day working with vendors, answering email and using other applications over the internet.  AGILITY understands the importance of internet connectivity and we have years of experience designing networks with that in mind. AGILITY offers secure, dedicated high-bandwidth Internet access via Ethernet (fiber), T1s, wireless, or a broadband connection ensuring the same speed for uploads and downloads—up to 1Gbps to send and receive large amounts of data, conduct video conferences, run web-based applications, stream video, provide multi-site access and more.

To maximize the agility of your virtual enterprise, you need to be able to deliver reliable high-speed Internet access to your branch offices and mobile employees while controlling costs. AGILITY provides scalable Internet connectivity at industry-leading customer access speeds, customized to meet your needs, from supporting high-volume e-mail and application hosting, to e-commerce applications and multimedia streaming, as well as international connectivity, and integrated management services.

Our carrier’s offer exceptional service level agreements (SLA) and some of the highest access speeds in the industry, so don’t limit yourself to small local fiber solutions. AGILITY offers solutions that cover the entire continental United States, and hundreds of international destinations. Unlike small local providers that limit you to a local geographic area AGILITY can provide multi-carrier, multi-technology solutions to keep you connected anywhere at any time.