Business Internet and Phone systems

Your business needs fast and dependable business Internet and phone systems regardless of how big or small it is. In our world today technology rules business dealings and there is no room for slow or inefficient internet. Agility Communications provides internet services that help a wide range of needs. We allow you to increase your connection and productivity. Agility provides high-bandwidth internet connections via broadband, Fiber, wireless or Ethernet. We have outstanding relationships with multiple carriers and offer all the standard carrier transport services. We are also happy to offer you

multiple billing options. Using our business internet services and cloud-based solutions can ensure that your business is able to transmit large amounts of data and successfully run all the web-based programs that businesses need today.

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Business Phone Systems

Our business phone systems offer everything you need to connect with clients. Agility Communications provides VoIP phones systems with feature such as auto attendant, extension dialing, call forwarding, voice-to-email, web conferencing, music-on-hold, video meetings and web faxing. Each of these services can help your company project a strong, professional image from a customer’s first moment of contact. Business Internet and phone systems also allow your employees to work anywhere they can connect to the int

Business Phone System


VoIP Providers in St. George

We offer Voice over IP as a great option for an inexpensive, reliable business Internet and phone system connection that gives you new features as soon as they are released. We are happy to work with the following VoIP providers:

  • CenturyLink
  • Granite
  • Airespring
  • Broadvoice
  • Star2Star
  • Yiptel

Cloud Backup Services

Save money and avoid hiring an IT department by using cloud backup services. Cloud-based backup also means that there’s no need to purchase and commit to expensive software. Take your business to the cloud and rest assured that your data is securely backed up and easily accessible. We work with the top cloud providers in the industry and partner together to support your data and backup needs.

Data Security and Recovery

Computer data recovery is much easier than it once was. Agility Communications deploys and creates networks that keep your confidential information safe. As with cloud backup services, using one cloud-based data recovery system can save you time and money. Before the cloud, businesses using software-based data recovery systems wasted money paying for services that were only used in the case of an emergency. Data on the cloud doesn’t use memory or CPUs until necessary and it can be recalled immediately when it’s needed.

WAN Connectivity Services

WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity is an excellent solution for growing businesses today. It allows you to connect locations and offices using the same network via a custom-created, cost-conscious Ethernet connection. Sharing files, collaborating and communicating quickly across various locations will become the norm for your business when you use WAN connectivity services. MPLS, Metro Ethernet, SD WAN, High Speed Fiber are just  a few of the solutions we specialize in.