Agility Support

AGILITY will provide you with a dedicated support team with years of experience who you can hand off billing and project management issues to and have the confidence that our team will own the issues until they are resolved. Agility will build inventories of your carrier services, work with carrier provisioners to ensure timely installs, and leverage long term relationships with carrier repair techs, programmers, provisioners and other carrier personnel to cut through the bureaucracy and get you the results clients expect. Why is AGILITY support so superior? Ultimately its because of the relationships we build with our clients. We know you, your services, we understand what your goals are and we know how we can assist you in achieving them. AGILITY will deliver on our promises and follow through on our responsibilities and over see all carrier support.






Telecom Audits

According to industry experts, there is a 90% chance that companies are overpaying for telecom expenses, if they have not completed an audit in the last 12 months for local, long distance, data, and wireless. AGILITY COMMUNICATIONS provides extensive audits to identify exactly a company’s telecom expense. Using this knowledge AGILITY COMMUNICATIONS works with clients to reduce, recover and manage cost.

  • Manage & Create Inventory
  • Lower Costs
  • Recovery of Over payments
  • Prepare for Carrier Negotiations or RFP
  • Analyze Current Design


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