Metro Ethernet is an Ethernet transport network that provides point-to-point or multipoint connectivity services over a metropolitan area and can now be deployed nationally and Internationally to connect 2 sites or a 100 sites. Ethernet originated as a LAN technology, and became a replacement for low-speed WAN technologies because it is a fast, scalable and secure layer 2 technology.


Metro Ethernet which is a fiber based WAN solution is ideal for the following uses:

  • Interconnecting business offices or data centers. MOE can connect two sites or hundreds of sites.
  • Provide connectivity to public or private cloud data centers.
  • Provide wholesale mobile backhaul services.
  • Provide multicast deliver used by businesses for video conferencing.


Benefits of Metro Ethernet

You use Ethernet connections every day. Ethernet enables devices and computers to transfer and share data, so you and your employees can stay informed, collaborate, and do your jobs. In a rapidly changing technology world, Ethernet is still around and evolving because it works so well and does so much for its users. What are the benefits of metro Ethernet?


  • Reliability – Ethernet operations performs path discovery, detects and reports connection failures and measures performance.


  • Symmetrical bandwidth – Metro E is dedicated bandwidth with symmetrical speeds upload and download. This is not a some consumer based technology from a local ISP, this is carrier grade bandwidth that includes a service level agreement.


  • Speed and Scalability – Supports speeds form 10mb to 10gb per second. Businesses can increase bandwidth dynamically and often without the need to purchase or install new equipment.


  • Secure – Supports QoS features, such as classification, tagging, policing, queuing and scheduling.


  • Streamlines your network – Ethernet helps reduce operating costs by standardizing your network on a single protocol and eliminating unnecessary equipment. Ethernet networks are less complicated and easier to maintain than other WAN networks, which lowers equipment and ownership costs.


  • Extends your reach – Ethernet allows you to extend your ethernet footprint to metro, national and even global networks with a single provider.


Whether you require point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or any-to-any connectivity, Metro Ethernet has a solution that fits your desired architecture. For businesses with multiple sites Ethernet is an excellent WAN solution. Especially if your business uses content-rich applications like video conferencing or financial transactions where latency can be a problematic issue. Ethernet utilizes an easy-to-scale infrastructure with network management that is familiar to IT staff, reducing complexity and maintenance time. With Ethernet, organizations can be both more secure and more agile.

Consider ethernet to connect branch offices when high bandwidth is needed and sites are scattered across a large metro area or several areas. Its cheaper than MPLS and simpler to deploy. Ethernet is private layer 2 technology which means you can bypass a router if desired and plug the service directly into your switch.  Ethernet allows all sites to talk to other sites if needed and does not follow the normal hub and spoke configuration unless so desired.  Metro Ethernet allows you to extend your Ethernet LAN to multiple sites without all the complexity.