Network Connectivity

MPLS connectivity is the preferred method to connect multiple business locations Have you ever ordered something online and then tracked the package as it makes strange and seemingly illogical stops all over the country? That’s similar to the way IP routing on the Internet works.

High Speed Internet for Business

In Business, Connections are everything. When it comes to business Internet you need more than an internet connection that’s fast. You need a comprehensive solution that is scalable, reliable and secure. After all, the internet is the foundation for enabling all your applications, business functions and more for your employees and customers.

Agility Communications the best Internet Service Provider for Business

At first glance you might say “hey, your not an ISP”and you’d be right in the truest sense of the word. However I would argue that a telecom consultant is the ultimate Internet service provider because we offer Internet solutions from over 100 different companies. As a technology consultant and a carrier agent we are…

MPLS – Why it’s a great Time to Scale your Network

Companies have relied on MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) to create secure, private networks using IP technology. Packets are routed securely across the providers network to connect users and branch offices. Companies can reach the network across the US and even internationally and the service provider manages routing and traffic prioritization.

Business Internet Options

Business Internet is critical to companies of every size. Even small businesses now use SaaS applications to run HR, point of sale, inventory, track sales transactions, bookkeeping, and their phone systems. All those applications are accessed over IP connectivity. Some larger organizations have the budget for private IP connectivity such as MPLS but many companies…

How to get more Internet bandwidth without increasing costs

Slow Internet can be so frustrating and actually hurts your business. These days, customers turn online first to get information about companies and organizations they’re interested in. Employees need fast Internet to effectively perform their jobs. What was fast a couple of years ago is slow today. More people and more Internet-linked devices in your…