6 Technologies that will Disrupt Business in 2021

Many companies experience disruption in 2020 that is very different from the normal disruption see in IT.  The disruption meant sending everyone home to work for a year. Covid-19 did more to shake up the technology landscape than just remote work. The pandemic also drove many companies to reshape how they look at running their…

Communications in the Age of Star Wars

It should come as no surprise that science fiction writers have often provided early ideas for future technologies. From the advanced submarine imagined by Jules Verne in his 1870 novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea to the gesture-based user interface in the 2002 Movie: Minority Report. There are countless examples of science fiction works…

Fiber gives SMBs a Fast Business Boost

When most people hear “fiber” they think “speed.” But fiber-optic internet has much more to offer than faster connections. For small and midsized business (SMB) customers, it can translate into significant business advantages. Three use cases we’ll examine show, fiber offers a number of distinct benefits over traditional cable and DSL.

Thriving, Not Just Surviving

Business Thriving? Mike is CEO of Agility Communications and a telecom veteran of 20 years, having worked for CenturyLink (Qwest) and as an independent telecom consultant. His industry expertise makes him adept at advising businesses on telecom strategy, helping SMBs optimize their communications, especially in the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud services. He is committed…

3 Good technologies most businesses are unaware of

In most cases the traditional enterprise is slow to adapt to emerging trends. However more smaller more agile companies are taking advantage of technology and the enterprise now needs to react faster to emerging trends and new technologies to stay competitive. Here are 3 technologies companies should leverage into powerful business solutions: