What is MPLS network?

What is MPLS network…the quick definition is a wide area network that employs a protocol agnostic routing technology to speed up and shape traffic flows over a service provider network.   MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching and is a way to connect your branch offices together. If you deploy VoIP across your network you…

Small Business WAN Best Practices

Today networks are critical to the operation and innovation of business organizations, workforce productivity is built on the expectation of nonstop access to communications and resources. The primary role of the WAN is to interconnect primary site and remote-site LANs. As networks become more complex in order to meet the needs of any device, any…

Benefits of Multi-Site Point-to-Point Ethernet Versus VPN

While MPLS has gained ground in terms of popularity of the different protocols, there are some benefits to using point-to-point Ethernet lines. Consider the following comparisons: How MPLS (Multi-Lable Protocol Switching) Network Architecture Works Versus Point-to-Point Ethernet Point-to-Point leased lines are formed by connecting every site to other sites using lines that are leased by…

Fiber gives SMBs a Fast Business Boost

When most people hear “fiber” they think “speed.” But fiber-optic internet has much more to offer than faster connections. For small and midsized business (SMB) customers, it can translate into significant business advantages. Three use cases we’ll examine show, fiber offers a number of distinct benefits over traditional cable and DSL.

What is Metro Ethernet Service (MOE)?

Growing businesses are increasingly searching for higher bandwidth and capacity to better support and serve employees, partners and especially customers. Ethernet has proven to be a great solution for organizations that want administrative control and security over their network traffic— without requiring a lot of specialized knowledge.