What is Metro E?

The term Metro E is industry slang for Metro Ethernet which is private dark fiber carriers have in abundance in metropolitan areas to serve their many customers. Due to the fact that fiber abundant in these areas carriers are willing to light up a private connection using those spare fibers to help a customer create…

What can Agility Communications help you with?

We’ve been in this business for over 20 years and it still surprises me when I’m talking to a client and they mention we just implemented a security solution or we just moved to Office365 etc and I’m thinking, why didn’t you call me? Inevitably the answer is always “I didn’t you know you guys…

What Technologies should small businesses consider?

We live in an age of constant technological increase and change. The birth of the modern internet in the late eighties created a new frontier, enabling innovations such as virtual communications and cloud computing. Businesses and consumers have benefited from countless web-enabled innovations that make living and working easier every day.

Why Businesses need to Invest in Technology

All day everyday I talk to business owners and IT administrators about technology for business. Over the years I’ve come to notice an all too common thread among many small business owners that you do not find in larger enterprises as much. Its a certain mentality that keeps those business owners from improving the performance…

Hosted VoIP compared to traditional PBX

A PBX or Private business exchange system consists of direct line-to-line connections made by an exchange and connected to the public telephone network. VoIP systems on the other hand use the Internet to package voice signals into data packets that are transferred over the Internet to a provider who manages connectivity to the public network.