What is Presence Management on a VoIP Phone System?

Presence is a term to describe the status of a user. Users broadcast their availablity in real time online using the corporate network. For example suppose the CEO is in a meeting and does not want to be disturbed. With presence management the VoIP software allows him to show that information for others in the…

Why working with a Consultant is better Business Strategy than Dealing Direct

When it comes to telecommunications and data networking there are many, many options for who you can work with to purchase Internet, phone service, data networking circuits etc. My clients are approached almost daily by multiple reps from the same carrier claiming to be “the guy”. They are now approached by ISPs, competitive local exchange…

7 Reasons to Upgrade your Business Technology

Every business has different priorities and require different technologies for voice communications, Internet, network connectivity, computers and other hardware. But one thing every business leader has in common is that we’ve all made tech purchases and upgrade decisions.

How do I move my IT to a new building?

Growth in business is a great and exciting thing. Profits increase, steady workflow and job security for employees helps company morale. Inevitably however the space your business started in can become too small and suddenly you have logistics issues and find you have to move to a bigger location. Moving your corporate office to a…

SMS Text Marketing for Business Retail

Text message marketing is perhaps the most effective strategy for engaging customers and boosting sales. Texting enables you to connect with customers about new products, special sales and product or company news. Leverage keywords to expand your contacts, confirm appointments, or send out payment reminders.

How to migrate your business to Office 365

Many companies have used Microsoft Office, Outlook and other products for years without encountering the cloud. Your company may be sitting fine in your on-site server farm but there are some great advantages to migrating to Office 365. I know you hate Email issues and have learned probably the hard way not to touch email…

IT Management Best Practices

Most IT Directors focus is to automate and improve business processes throughout the enterprise. But the IT organization itself also has its own need for process improvement and automation. The best-run IT organizations not only focus their process improvement efforts but also seek to optimize their own IT management processes.