Why SD WAN can be a Good Fit for a Remote Office

Most enterprises need reliable connectivity between remote branches and the corporate Headquarters or data center. MPLS (Multi-Protocol label switching) is the Cadillac of private secure data connectivity and is found in most enterprise WAN (wide area network) environments. With the ever growing popularity of cloud based computing and the increasingly cheap bandwidth available most enterprises…


How MPLS will Improve your Network

What is MPLS? MPLS is an acronym for Multi-protocol label switching and it’s a technology used for connecting/networking multiple branch offices together with a private IP connection. Multiprotocol Label Switching is a type of protocol that is used to shape network traffic flows and to increase speed. As a standard today, networks are divided into…


Natural Disasters, Is your business prepared?

Hurricane Florence (a category 4 storm) is currently charging toward the Carolinas expecting to bring “life threatening storm surge and rainfall”. A storm that powerful brings with it winds of 140 mph, intense flooding, trees uprooted and fallen power poles. The damage can be catastrophic and 40% of businesses fail to re-open after a natural…


Metro Ethernet a scalable WAN Technology for business

Metro Ethernet is an Ethernet transport network that provides point-to-point or multipoint connectivity services over a metropolitan area and can now be deployed nationally and Internationally to connect 2 sites or a 100 sites. Ethernet originated as a LAN technology, and became a replacement for low-speed WAN technologies because it is a fast, scalable and…


7 Reasons to Upgrade your Business Technology

Every business has different priorities and require different technologies for voice communications, Internet, network connectivity, computers and other hardware. But one thing every business leader has in common is that we’ve all made tech purchases and upgrade decisions.