Why working with a Consultant is better Business Strategy than Dealing Direct

When it comes to telecommunications and data networking there are many, many options for who you can work with to purchase Internet, phone service, data networking circuits etc. My clients are approached almost daily by multiple reps from the same carrier claiming to be “the guy”. They are now approached by ISPs, competitive local exchange…


What is MPLS?

MPLS is an acronym for Multi-protocol label switching and it’s a technology used for connecting/networking multiple branch officestogether with a private IP connection. MPLS gives you certain capabilities not available using Internet or other connectivity transport methods. QOS (quality of service) is central to MPLS as it allows you to prioritize services and traffic in…


When to Consider SD WAN for Connectivity

The enterprise network (WAN) has transitioned from dedicated TDM circuits with Frame Relay and ATM, to Packet-over-SONET, and now to MPLS and Ethernet-access services. However, two things have remained constant, WAN bandwidth can be expensive in certain rural markets and provisioning WAN services can take a long time. SD WANor Software Defined Wide Area Networking…


What is Metro Ethernet Service (MOE)?

Growing businesses are increasingly searching for higher bandwidth and capacity to better support and serve employees, partners and especially customers. Ethernet has proven to be a great solution for organizations that want administrative control and security over their network traffic— without requiring a lot of specialized knowledge.

What is Unified Communications (UCaaS)?

When you hear the term Unified Communications the first thing you might think is what are you unifying…right? Most small businesses use a phone system of some sort for voice communications. Some may use instant messaging for internal communications, still others might use video conferencing, mobile, desktop sharing, presence management. You get the picture? There…


What is SMS and MMS Texting?

SMS stands for short message service and is more commonly known as a text message. SMS allows you to send a message of up to 160 characters. Another common type of messaging service is an MMS or multimedia message where you can send pictures, video etc. Studies have shown that text messages have a 98%…