7 Reasons to Upgrade your Voice and Data network

Every business has different priorities and require different technologies for voice communications, Internet, network connectivity, computers and other hardware. But one thing every business leader has in common is that we’ve all made tech purchases and upgrade decisions.

The Biggest Vulnerabilities in your Business Network

There’s a common saying in the world of cybersecurity: It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when” a security incident will rear its ugly head. Businesses constantly have to deal with phishing, malware, insider threats, and newly discovered vulnerabilities. To reduce risk and adequately protect against cyber threats, organizations need to employ a multi-layered security…


How to get more Internet bandwidth without increasing costs

Slow Internet can be so frustrating and actually hurts your business. These days, customers turn online first to get information about companies and organizations they’re interested in. Employees need fast Internet to effectively perform their jobs. What was fast a couple of years ago is slow today. More people and more Internet-linked devices in your…


How to build a secure WAN

If you have two or more branch office locations you need a Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect them. WAN connections vary in bandwidth depending on your needs, and may be set up as a direct/private connection such as MPLS, and Metro Ethernet or a virtual network connection (VPN) using the Internet. No matter which…


Why Businesses need to Invest in Technology

All day everyday I talk to business owners and IT administrators about technology for business. Over the years I’ve come to notice an all too common thread among many small business owners that you do not find in larger enterprises as much. Its a certain mentality that keeps those business owners from improving the performance…


What Technologies should small businesses consider?

We live in an age of constant technological increase and change. The birth of the modern internet in the late eighties created a new frontier, enabling innovations such as virtual communications and cloud computing. Businesses and consumers have benefited from countless web-enabled innovations that make living and working easier every day.

VoIP Phone System for small business

I’ve written many articles in the past few years regarding VoIP phone systems. Tips for what to buy, reasons to switch to VoIP, and things as simple as “what is hosted VoIP?” but I really haven’t dove into specific benefits for small business. My aim this week is to show you some real world examples…