What can Agility Communications help you with?

We’ve been in this business for over 20 years and it still surprises me when I’m talking to a client and they mention we just implemented a security solution or we just moved to Office365 etc and I’m thinking, why didn’t you call me? Inevitably the answer is always “I didn’t you know you guys…


What is Metro E?

The term Metro E is industry slang for Metro Ethernet which is private dark fiber carriers have in abundance in metropolitan areas to serve their many customers. Due to the fact that fiber abundant in these areas carriers are willing to light up a private connection using those spare fibers to help a customer create…


3 Reasons companies should choose more for same over same for less

With 20 years in telecom I’ve watched competition increase and prices fall for all kinds of services and bandwidth. 5yrs ago the average cost in the western US for voice PRI T1 was around $800 per month. 3yrs ago that same PRI T1 was $500 per month and today you can find that same circuit…


Wireless Expense Management for Business

Enterprises of any size have wireless handsets in the hands of many many people and managing the constant change and upgrades, controlling capabilities, security etc an be a nightmare. Its the kind of problem that evolves over time and before you know it you have a full scale asset to manage costing thousands of dollars…


What is SD WAN and understanding its value

A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows businesses to leverage any combination of carrier connectivity – including MPLS, broadband internet, wireless internet, LTE etc – to securely connect users to a corporate network.