Business Internet Options

Business Internet is critical to companies of every size. Even small businesses now use SaaS applications to run HR, point of sale, inventory, track sales transactions, bookkeeping, and their phone systems. All those applications are accessed over IP connectivity. Some larger organizations have the budget for private IP connectivity such as MPLS but many companies…


How to get a new Phone system without a Budget

If you are like many small businesses your company needs to replace out dated and aging equipment such as your phone system or your expanding and opening new offices driving the need for additional equipment. The problem is even though business is good that doesn’t mean there is any more budget for new phones and…


MPLS – Why it’s a great Time to Scale your Network

Companies have relied on MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) to create secure, private networks using IP technology. Packets are routed securely across the providers network to connect users and branch offices. Companies can reach the network across the US and even internationally and the service provider manages routing and traffic prioritization.

What is VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network is an encrypted tunnel between your LAN (local area network) and the public internet. A VPN can mask your IP address so your online actions are virtually untraceable. Business VPN’s safeguard the information employees send and recieve online and protect their Internet connections from unauthorized intrusion. Security Many businesses…


IT Management Best Practices

Most IT Directors focus is to automate and improve business processes throughout the enterprise. But the IT organization itself also has its own need for process improvement and automation. The best-run IT organizations not only focus their process improvement efforts but also seek to optimize their own IT management processes.

Agility Communications the best Internet Service Provider for Business

At first glance you might say “hey, your not an ISP”and you’d be right in the truest sense of the word. However I would argue that a telecom consultant is the ultimate Internet service provider because we offer Internet solutions from over 100 different companies. As a technology consultant and a carrier agent we are…


How to text appointment reminders for Dentists, Ortho and small business

Customer service and Patient care should be the number one priority for all businesses and healthcare practices. But the reality is that running a business involves a lot of other tasks—managing employees, processing forms, working with insurance companies and, of course, scheduling appointments. If your business counts on those appointments for revenue it can be…


How Agility Helps Businesses Succeed

The goal of any business is to grow and increase revenue. They do that by improving the product they offer, adding features to differentiate from the competition and by trying to create a product that everyone needs and can’t live without. Think back 10 years ago and Steve Jobs’ invention of the iPhone. Prior to…